Elite Western Wagyu Breed Plan

       At Elite Western Wagyu we believe the best way to achieve a quality, high marbling and consistent Japanese Brown (Red Wagyu, Akaushi) carcass is to maximize the amount of Dia 10 Mitsumaru in the pedigree while minimizing the amount of Tamamaru and Shigemaru. We also utilize the two founding Red Wagyu bulls Rueshaw and Judo when a outcross is needed in our breed lines. We also believe that a good foundation of any herd is having strong cow family’s. These cow families carry strong maternal characteristics. At Elite Western Wagyu we utilize the three great cow family of Akiko, Ume and 27 Homare. We Also use the Famous cow family of Dia 8 Marunami and Dia 3 Namiaki. We have scoured the Wagyu world and have finally found genetics from the missing link in the wagyu world of Kunisakae and will be adding these genetics to our outstanding female herd in the near future. We also believe in using the science of EBV’s in breeding choices. We are currently use the Australian Wagyu Association EBV information when it is available to make breeding choices. We believe in EBV’s and then we prove the data with carcass data if you are not processing animals you are not validating you breeding choices. 

Elite Western Wagyu maintains a strict 3 year breeding plan that produces consistent sires and dams for the future generation.


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Sustainable Agriculture

Elite Western Wagyu believes that the only way for consistent sustainable growth in agriculture is to take care of the land and the animals, like you take care of your family. We strive to make sure our Wagyu cattle only have two bad days while on our operation. The first is at weaning and the second is when they leave our property for their new adventure on cattle operations through out the United States. We also believe in supporting our fellow Farmers and Cattlemen in the community in which we live. All of the feed we purchase for our cattle is sourced with in 100 miles of our operation. Most coming from less than 10 miles from wear the cattle are raised. 

All Japanese Brown (Red Wagyu, AKAUSHI) cattle are currently registered with the American wagyu association and all animals can be Dual registered withe the American Akaushi association